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Lube Lessons: The Truth About Glycerin

Everywhere you look on the internet there is a blog on lubricants telling you that Glycerin is “a poison”, “a chemical”, “a sugar” or just basically something you definitely should not have in your lube. “Glycerin causes STIs and yeast infections,” is a common theme and a common misconception.

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Why We Love Coconut Oil & Why You Should Too

Who isn't coco-nutty about coconut oil???   Here at EXSENS, we absolutely love it because of its myriad useful applications in natural skincare. We are particularly smitten with the use of coconut oil as a daily moisturizer for nourishing dry skin because of its delicious summery scent and the way it leaves our skin super-smooth and soft.    But did you know you can use coconut oil as an intimate moisturizer both before and after shaving or waxing to soothe irritation and inflammation?  How about coconut oil as toothpaste? Or deodorant?  

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