Organic Crystal Massage Oil Sampler

Crystal Infused Sensual Massage Oils

(Six) 3 ml - .1 fl. oz. packets

Our vegan, organic Crystal Infused Massage Oils come in 6 unique varieties each boasting a different crystal, a different scent and a different specialty oil.  Can't decide which one to try first? Try them all with this sampler pack!

Use for sensual massage with a partner. Or simply enjoy these all natural crystal-energy infused oils for self-massage or nourishing your skin post-bath or post-shower.  Light and easily absorbed oil great for all skin and hair types.

    • Amber Jojoba: Amber crystals are said to dispel bad moods and generate positive energy; scented with accents of fig and sandalwood.

    • Amethyst Sweet Almond: Amethyst crystals are said to promote well-being and calm positivity; dusty desert rose scent with hints of vanilla.

    • Aventurine Avocado: Aventurine crystals are said to bring tranquility to your emotions and thoughts; hints of ylang ylang, white flowers and sandalwood.

    • Carnelian Apricot: Carnelian crystals are said to give courage and promote fertility; mixes white grape and black currant over iris and violets.

    • Garnet Argan: Garnet crystals are said to promote passion and harmony; spicy, woody scent with accents of amber.

    • Tiger Eye Macadamia: Tiger Eye is said to be a protective stone, a barrier against negative energies; plum, pear, jasmine, hawthorn & praline create a complex scent.



    Directions for Use: For daily use. Pour a small amount into palm and massage gently onto skin.