Good for you, good for the Earth.

Crystal Massage Oils

Make love to your inner mystic.
These harmonizing organic massage oils are ideal for daily use at home, either as an everyday moisturizer or for a relaxing massage. Rediscover the pleasure of touching and being touched while allowing the power of real crystals to spread their energy where you need it most. Exotic oils paired with all natural perfumes from the south of France fill each bottle. Let your spirits rise!

Self Care

No one is more important than you.
Let’s face it. If you don’t feel good, how you can make any body else feel good? Whether you have hours or only a minute or two- stop. Luxuriate. Spend a moment where you are your number one priority. Treat yourself to something special because, baby, you deserve it!

Warming Massage Oils

Massage has never tasted so good!

Known for our tasty flavors and feel-good sensations, our best-selling Gourmet Warming Massage Oils definitely live up to the hype! These "oils" are designed for intimacy, intimate foreplay and oral pleasure. Completely body safe and deliciously lickable, we encourage you to try them all and experience the gentle warming sensation on ALL of your sexy parts! 

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