EXSENS Empowers Women Globally with Commitment to PSI

Paris, France (April 2019) – In their continuing efforts to support all women, everywhere, EXSENS has extended for another year, their partnership with international non-profitPopulation Services International (PSI).

Since January 2018, French intimate cosmetics brand EXSENS, has contributed a portion of every sale to PSI. 93 cents of every dollar PSI spends goes directly to program expenses. EXSENS is proud to once again donate a percentage of our North American sales to PSI in 2019. 

“We strongly believe in putting our money where our mouth is,” explained North-American Brand Manager, Rebecca Pinette-Dorin. “Yes, we make safe, quality products for women. And yes, we support women every day through our branding and our web content, as well as in our work place. Frankly though, it is not enough to pay lip-service to the cause.Women the world over need support that they are not getting.  Here at EXSENS we are proud that our financial commitment to PSI will be a part of the effort to change that.”

214 million women in developing nations do not have access to the contraception they deserve. Without the power to plan when and how many children to have, women across the world struggle to feed their families, drop out of school, and face a more significant risk of complications during pregnancy. Population Services International makes it easier for women in the developing world to lead healthier lives and plan the families they desire.

For almost 50 years, PSI has tackled health challenges globally, focusing on five health areas: family planning, sanitation, malaria, HIV/TB, and non-communicable diseases.