About EXSENS Sexual Wellness and Body Care Brand

EXSENS is Committed to Helping You Love Well & Live Well.

It is our belief that intimacy and wellness are deeply connected.  Our ongoing mission is to educate and empower all women, everywhere, so they may recognize and nurture that connection. 

Our body care and sexual wellness products are formulated with your health and pleasure in mind. Developed by women, for women, our entire line is produced at our state-of-the-art cosmetics and medical devices facility, Laboratoire Néo Cosmétique, in Aix-en-Provence, France, where we've been producing cosmetics and intimate care products for clients across Europe for well over a decade. 

EXSENS: Exquisite Sensations, Intimate Cosmetics Made in FranceIn 2015, we proudly launched our very own brand. The name EXSENS is derived from a combination of two words: EXquises SENSations (which is French for "exquisite sensations").

About EXSENS Products

We provide high-quality body care and sexual wellness products with minimal ingredients and functional, elegant, BPA-free packaging. Our entire line is made from 100% vegan ingredients. 

In addition, we use organic and GMO-free ingredients whenever possible. Many of our ingredients and formulas have been certified by COSMEBIO® and ECOCERT, two of Europe's most respected organic certification organizations. Products containing the BIO label (COSEMBIO's highest level of certification) offer customers assurance that the labeled cosmetics they purchase are truly organic and comply with environmental standards.





Playful Intimacy

We wholeheartedly believe that playfulness is key to a healthy and fulfilling intimate life. That's why we make products that encourage openness,  exploration and fun!  We sincerely hope every EXSENS customer will experience intimacy in a new and exciting way.

Our body care line, including intimate care, body oils and perfume mists, will help set the mood and leave you feeling fresh and frisky.  While our sexual wellness line will bring your bedroom play to the next level with more kissing, tasting, licking, touching, and massaging than ever before! 



It's simple. We are committed to your wellness. That's why all EXSENS products are vegan and paraben-free, and we use organic and GMO-free ingredients whenever possible. 

You pay close attention to everything from the foods you eat, to the makeup you apply to your face, to the products you use to clean your home. Why? Because you know that your wellness depends on the choices you make every day. Here at EXSENS, it is our mission to provide you with healthy body care and sexual wellness options that will compliment those choices. 


We are committed to educating our customers, colleagues, family and friends about the connection between healthy intimacy and overall wellness (both physical and mental). We provide valuable and truthful information about our products and ingredients, as well as bodies and human sexuality in general, via our blog Your Body, Your Pleasure.  

Additionally, we regularly share information provided by PSI.org, regarding their efforts to make a positive impact on health, wellness and family planning in developing countries across the globe. 


Here at EXSENS we champion female empowermentnon-judgementbody-positivityinclusion and diversity at every opportunity.  We strive to create an empowering message that will both excite and inspire our customers, colleagues, family, friends, and followers. 

In addition, we are committed to supporting Population Services International (PSI).  PSI empowers women and families in 50+ developing nations. They believe all people can and should have control of their sexuality, sexual health and fertility. Visit PSI.org to learn more.