How to Be Her Gift This Valentine’s Day

January 24, 2023

How to Be Her Gift This Valentine’s Day

Four Original Valentines Gifts to Make V-Day All about the “V”

Back when Valentine’s was celebrated as the pagan festival of Lupercalia, after a long day of animal sacrifices and wanton cavorting, everyone’s gift was a yearlong tryst with a sexual partner whose name was plucked out of a ceremonial urn. Over the many centuries this practice has morphed into a day on which we choose to whom we declare our love, lust and/or like, by asking that someone special to “be our Valentine”.

But why wait for an invitation? With our sexy themed gift sets you can be their Valentine- and bring the thunder on a V-day, they are not likely to forget!

Check out our Sexy Valentine’s Day Gift Guide to find a little something to please everyone on your list.

And we’ve got something for you as well!

The EXSENS Sexy Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

The Naughty Couple Gift Set 

Naughty Couple - Count Down to Love Town Giveaway

This gift set is perfect for those who like to give and receive. Surprise your partner with Clandestine Devices’ Companion, a “whisper-quiet” remote controlled, wearable vibe designed to fit discreetly into undergarments or lingerie. The remote looks just like your standard fitness tracker and controls the intensity of the vibrations from up to 60 feet away! You and your lucky Valentine can experiment with secret foreplay all day long!

Break out your make-out skills with our strawberry flavored Hot Kiss Lip Gel that alternates between gentle warming and cool tingling. Get hands-on with our Warming Intimate Massage Kit which includes three travel-sized, gourmet-flavored pleasure enhancers in delicious flavors-a hot spicy vanilla, sensual strawberry, and drive-them-crazy coconut. Hot kisses and oral sex go hand and hand with a buzzing pair of panties… who will cry mercy first?


Escape to Pleasure - Count Down to Love Town Giveaway

The Escape to Pleasure Gift Set

Planning a romantic trip for V-day? Slip our trusty Escape Kit into your carry

on or overnight bag, and you’ll have everything you need for you next sexy getaway: TSA safe Pure Aqua Lube, Strawberry Hot Kiss lip gel, an assortment of Gourmet Warming Intimate Massage gel sachets, and a pair of lubricated condoms, all in a cute vanity case.

When it comes to packing light, size matters! We’ve paired the kit with the new Mini Magic Wand - a huge turn on! At 6,000 RPM this cordless rechargeable vibe is ready to deliver up to 2.5 hours of the iconic brand’s signature “magical deep, rumbly vibrations”.


Massage Two Ways - Count Down to Love Town Giveaway

The Massage Two Ways Gift Set

Give your Valentine the gift of sensual healing and erotic massage! The ergonomically designed Njoy Pfun plug is ideal for hitting pressure points to release tension, and of course it’s great for those looking to stimulate that prostate, too. Pair it with our Carnelian Apricot Crystal Massage Oil and let notes of white grape, black currant, iris and violets lift your senses to a happy place while you use it to massage away the winter blues. Take it lower with our Ginger Lychee cooling arousal gel . Just one drop, heightens sensitivity of even the most intimate of areas and kicks your sex drive into overdrive. We’ve also included tubes of our water-based lubricants for once you have that backdoor motor purring…


Good For the Gals – The Galentines Gift Set

Euphoria - Count Down to Love Town Giveaway

Celebrating Galentine’s day with your bestie?

Have we got a trio of treasures for them! Everyone loves a helping hand, especially a vibrating one with a flexible thumb for external clitoral stimulation! A new, more modern take on the rabbit vie, the Hera by JeJoue is soft and flexible. Bend it into just the right position needed to hit “the spot”. Mist yourself or your room with our rhodiola rosea perfume, Angel's Dream, providing much-needed mood-lifting, February aromatherapy.

She can take that self-care mood-lift to the next level with Intime Fresh, our Aloe Vera & Rose Water intimate cleansing foam. It’s a perfect complement to any daily shower ritual and can also be used as a post-wax or post-shave cleanser. Or pre-masturbation session? It’s all good!

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