Love on Lockdown

January 26, 2021

Love on Lockdown

By: Jacquetta Szathmari

Three simple ways to put the V in Valentine's during quarantine. 

Nothing kills romance like routine. During quarantine, many of us have exhausted our boudoir bag of tricks, settled into familiar patterns, and are craving more. Breaking routines can be hard but the results are rewarding. Don’t assume that being creative in the bedroom and beyond requires maximum time and effort. Though it can, it’s not required.

With Valentine’s Day upon us seize the opportunity to celebrate love on lockdown by refreshing your romantic repertoire.

Here are three simple ways to pump up intimacy and have your valentine begging to be all yours. 


Put Some Skin in the Game

Set a playful mood for the evening. Any game can be an adult game with a little imagination. Got a deck of cards? Sure, there’s always strip poker, but poker has a lot of rules and is much more fun with a group. Why not try strip Uno, strip Gin Rummy, strip Go Fish, or strip Fluxx. Agree on the rules beforehand or make them up as you go along; as long as the clothes come off everyone wins. 

The same goes for board games. For example, for every word 5 letters or less in Scrabble toss an item of clothing at your opponent. In Monopoly, request sexual favors along with that rent payment. I haven’t done it, but I bet there is a way to make Settlers of Catan super sexy, too!

If you want a pre-made game for couples to get you in the mood, try adult games such as Dirty Minds, Touch and Tell or just modify Codename Duets with your own suggestive word cards. Make the grand prize a sensual happy ending with one of our gourmet warming massage oils.


Eat Out at Home 

Forget about in-person dining restrictions. For Valentine’s Day order some new and unfamiliar dishes from your favorite delivery joint. Create a beautiful tablescape with candles and fine china or whatever you have in your kitchen cabinets. Another option: artfully place a blanket and some cushions on the floor and enjoy your meal picnic style. 

While you wait for delivery, give new meaning to the term al fresco and get undressed, (but slip on a robe or towel so that you won’t scandalize the delivery person or snoopy neighbors). Heighten everyone’s pleasure with accessories like eye-catching jewelry, a well-placed scarf, or opera gloves. “Dress” as fun, formal, or flirtatious as you like and stimulate the senses with a deliciously scented body mist. Once your food arrives, slip off your cover-up and bon appetit.

For extra credit, one of you can be the table and the other can be dessert! 


Sensual Social Distancing

Love on Lockdown

(Masks optional.)

There’s a new acronym in town just in time for the sexiest holiday of the year—SSD. Yes, sensual social distancing is all the rage. There are many ways to pull this one-off. If you are sheltering in place with your partner, do it Bridgerton style and have a duel. Start with your backs to one another, walk six paces apart, and then turn to face each other. Talk each other through a sexy adventure rekindled from your past or make up something completely new. Take turns completing each other's sentences. Remember that anything can happen in your story as long as your partner consents so let your imagination go wild. Feel free to act out the scene and glide into ultimate pleasure with a flavored personal lubricant.

If you want to get that OnlyFans feeling, go into the next room and connect over a secure video call. If you and your Valentine are far apart this second option will work for you as well.

Be a Love Warrior this Valentine’s!

All you need is desire and a little imagination!




Jacquetta Szathmari, Dernier Mile
Jacquetta Szathmari is a New York based writer and the founder of Dernier Mile, a boutique consultancy providing last minute and last mile solutions for your content-intensive, logistically complex, and totally unique creative projects.









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