Sexy Stocking Stuffer Ideas to Heat Up the Holidays

November 28, 2022

Sexy Stocking Stuffer Ideas to Heat Up the Holidays

Sexy Stocking Stuffers You Both Can Enjoy!

Keep it hot under the tree this holiday season

‘Tis the season to gather gifts for the people who tickle your fancy year-round.

Toss Their Fruit Salad

These Nipple Arousal Creams come perfectly packaged in cute fruit containers that fit in the palm of your hand. The size makes them great for tucking into a stocking, or even a very adult advent calendar. Choose from Crazy Love Cherry, Oh My Strawberry, and Peachy Keen, or go for all three. This vegan and paraben-free nipple balm hydrates the skin while delivering a gentle cooling and tingling sensation. And when you are finished with the balm, the containers are great for holding odds and ends.

Get Them Hot and Bothered

Warm it up and make those kisses carnal with Exsens’s Coconut Hot Kiss Lip

Hot Vanilla Espresso Arousal Gel
Gel. Apply liberally to experience a warm buzzing sensation followed by cool tingling accompanied by a tropical taste. The gel is body-safe so let the kisses land where they may. Hot Kiss is also available in strawberry flavor, which would be a great companion to the strawberry nipple gel for a themed duo.


Or turn up the heat from simmer to steam with flavored cooling arousal gels in colorful colors and delicious flavors like Ginger Lychee or perfect for the season Hot Vanilla Espresso. Just a drop on tender intimate areas will evoke an intense physical response that is sure to take you and your partner to the edge...and over it.

Throw a Hard Six in Centerfield

Sexy Time Dice

Add extra spontaneity to your foreplay with bedroom dice. 4LoveBirds has a set of 6 sexy dice that come in a fabric drawstring pouch perfect for slipping into a into any stocking.  Let Lady Luck decide, each toss could result in hundreds of different sexy combinations. Three of the dice are glow-in-the-dark so you can continue playing when the lights go out.

Make it a Misty Morning

With top notes of Cassis and Bergamot or Lily of the Valley, a mood-lifting mist for hair and body could be just the thing to please and tease on Christmas morning. Angel's Dream is infused with rhodiola rosea, which is used to reduce stress and improve mood, while Under the Influence has added pheromones to help everyone get into a sensual frame of mind. Each perfume comes in glittering packaging and attractive glass misters. The perfect size for travel, daily

carry, or a bedside top drawer, they are truly a stocking stuffer that just keeps giving.

Both Exsens body mists have base notes of vanilla, which is known to soothe mind and body. Make relaxation your theme and bring that aroma of vanilla to the forefront by pairing them with a vanilla scented candle. The Lucky 13 Candle Company has a palm sized one that doubles as a massage oil. Simply light the soy wax candle, let it melt, and then pour it on. Even better, a portion of each purchase is donated to support female empowerment. 

Make it Lickety Slick

Glide into the holiday season with delicious and Appletini Water-Based Lubricant from EXSENS. On brand and on time, this GMO-free, vegan lube is perfect for the holiday season. Sex toy-safe, pair it with a new mini-vibe for that special someone. The JeJoue G-spot Bullet Vibrator is the perfect stocking stuffer at a compact 5 inches. Waterproof, quiet and discrete, this vibe can multitask, providing pleasure for both internal and external play. Perfect for first timers as well as the sex toy initiated!

Ho! Ho! Ho!





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