Sexy Summer Feet

July 22, 2021

Sexy Summer Feet

By: Jacquetta Szathmari

Celebrate sexy summer feet and flaunt those popsicle toes all season long!

DaVinci considered the human foot to be a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art. So should you. Treat those feet like royalty this summer!

Keep sexy feet soft and extend your pedicures.

Summer weather can present challenges to both the look and feel of your feet. Exposure to heat and sun robs them of precious moisture leaving heels cracked and toes looking sad and angry. Dry skin on the arches and instep laugh in the face of pumice stones, loofahs, and foot files. Your ankles chafe under the tyranny of every year’s ever strappier thong sandals.

It’s a struggle to make a 10-day pedicure last even five business days! Enough already! 

Feet soaking in bowl of water and flowers

Once a day treat your feet to a quick cool water soak with bath salts, followed by a scrub. I make my own using the morning’s coffee grounds mixed with a dollop of shower gel. 

After rinsing and drying, slather on our Cocoa Shea Oil to replenish lost moisture. Starting with the ball of the foot, rub it in well, with special attention to the heels, sides of the feet and the tips of the toes.

Put on a pair of all-cotton socks and give your feet a reprieve from the elements.

If it’s comfortable for you, you can perform this ritual before bed and sleep with the socks on. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how soft and kissable your toosties are when you wake up in the morning.

Yoga feet are happy feet.

Strong feet help you to maintain your balance and improve alignment. After a long day trapped in shoes your toes deserve the opportunity to spread out and relax

yoga pose

My favorite yogi, Dionne Presinal, co-owner of Bronx Yoga Lab, suggests two easy-to-practice poses to help stretch and strengthen the feet and ankles. Hero Pose, (verasana), takes place on all fours with your knees close together and your feet hip distance apart. With the tops of the feet pressed firmly into the floor lower your bottom as close to floor as is comfortable. If you cannot lower all the way, you can use a block or towel for support, or you can lean forward onto your hands, and still receive the benefits of this asana. Stay here for a few long breaths and you will feel a stretch in the top of your foot from ankle to toe.

From here you can transition easily to Toe Stretch, aka. “Screaming Toe”. (Personally, I’ve never uttered a sound while doing this, but I have gotten a nice deep toe stretch.) Begin on all fours and then tuck your toes under and slowly sit back on you heels. Again, you can continue to use your hands for support to relieve as much of the pressure as you wish. You want to put the majority of the pressure on the balls of the feet, but play around with it— you know where you need the most relief. After a few deep breaths come out of the pose and wiggle those toes. You’ll feel the difference.

Foot massage, but do it with passion.

Despite studies finding that approximately half of all sexual fetishes focus on feet and toes, intimate touch researchers insist that the foot is not an erogenous zone.[1] Sexy summer feet beg to differ! If you and your partner are partial to what’s going on below a shapely ankle, consider experimenting with some foot play and start with massage.

hands giving foot massage

Foot massages have many health benefits from alleviating stress to increasing circulation, but they can also be a sensual prelude. Many people are sensitive and ticklish on their feet so stay in close communication about what you are doing and how your partner is experiencing the touch.

Tickling sensations can be avoided by applying the correct amount of pressure and by eliminating the element of surprise as to what areas will be touched next.

As you massage each area of the foot from heel to toe, ask your partner to rate the resulting level of excitement or pleasure on a scale that you’ll both understand. One to sixty-nine? Freezing to melting? Polite golf clap to standing ovation? It’s up to you.

If things start heating up, whip out some warming massage oil in a flavor you adore, and put those feet back on the menu with some light kissing and toe nibbling, (or more!).


[1]It’s a foot note! Ha.




Jacquetta Szathmari, Dernier Mile
Jacquetta Szathmari is a New York based writer and the founder of Dernier Mile, a boutique consultancy providing last minute and last mile solutions for your content-intensive, logistically complex, and totally unique creative projects.





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