Sexy Summer Vacations, Staycations & Play-cations

August 13, 2020

Sexy Summer Vacations, Staycations & Play-cations

By: Jacquetta Szathmari


Glam summer is in full swing! That means it’s your time to shimmer and shine whether you’re doing a sexy vacation, a sexy staycation, or just unplugging for a few hours for a sexy play-cation. In these times, as always, creativity is key to converting fantasy into reality. Here are our suggestions for a playfully provocative and seriously sensual summer that will leave you glowing.


Sex On The Beach

sexy summer cocktail sex on the beach by pool Full dis-clothesure--I am big fan of Hedonism, Jamaica’s premiere, all-inclusive, clothing-optional resort. As my husband likes to say, “Thanks to Hedo I have the sexy wife I’ve always had.” Go figure.

Set on a pristine crescent beach, Hedonism is an ideal tropical location for experimentation and relationship rejuvenation. The party atmosphere is legendary with erotic entertainment, sexy theme nights, and round the clock refreshment. Ask for Sex on the Beach at the swim up bar and you’ll be served a top shelf cocktail over crushed ice. They are refreshing, but why not try something just as thirst-quenching with our Sex on the Beach massage oil? Created for foreplay and oral pleasure it warms to the touch and is lip-smacking tasty in a gourmet flavor that is both vegan and paraben free.


If you’re in the market for a more intimate, clothing-optional, couples getaway, head to one of Desire’s resorts on the Mexican Riviera Maya. Luxury is the watchword at these scaled-down all-inclusives. Spend your days lounging beachside in Bali beds, enjoy a sunset cocktail from a bar that is a hot tub, and ignite the evening with seductive adult entertainment. The upgrades are endless. They even have a mansion for you to rent with your best dozen or so (ahem) friends. But one thing they can’t get for you is eminently soft, caress-able skin. Enter EXSENS Coco Shea Body Oil & Intimate Moisturizer for après sun, après hot tub, and après pool party. The perfect addition to your sexy vaca, Coco Shea is a melange of organic coconut oil and shea nut butter. This skin-saving oil is moisturizing and protective. Apply liberally to make the skin you’re in even sexier!

Fast Break

When time is of the essence, expedite your erotic escape plan with which helps you get a room cheap and fast via a digital concierge. Offerings vary by day, time, and location but you can book anything from motels to boutique stays to major luxury chains with all the amenities. On a random Tuesday night I saw a local upscale hotel listed for half off. You heard that right! Book the room, tell your partner to meet you at the bar, and surprise them with a room key. Of course, you’ve already upgraded the room with your favorite libations, toys, and mood setters. And what’s that tucked into an epicurean fruit basket? It’s literally a cherry on top ... EXSENS Crazy Love Cherry Nipple Arousal Cream. Crazy Love Cherry is highly emollient, vegan and paraben free, and—boing! Be your own edible arrangement.

Daytime Debauchery

The ancient Greek city of Sybaris was both revered and reviled for its citizens' decadence—a popping foodie scene, rivers flowing with wine, and chariots with rims. Forget about the haters (I’m looking at you Athenaeus of Naucratis) you can celebrate the Sybarite legacy in just four hours at the discrete Sybaris Suites. With locations in Chicago, Indianapolis, and Milwaukee this adults-only private club rents rooms for overnight stays and naughty midday escapes. All rooms feature water-based amenities but my favorite one has a jetted 22’ foot pool with a slide and a whirlpool tub. In the room! Stay on theme and get slippery when wet with our Pure Aqua personal lubricant. Formulated by women for women, it recreates natural viscosity for long-lasting lubrication.

Pool Scout for Summer

couples vacation swimming poolEver wanted to go a little bit Alexis with your beachwear, but lacked the confidence or the opportunity? That’s me on both counts, but this summer is different because it’s all about glam. Dig out that aspirational “fashion” swimsuit that wouldn’t last a single ocean wave and head to a cabana near you courtesy of Swimply, the Airbnb of swimming pools. Swimply allows users to rent private pools by the hour with some listings offering waterfront access and other high-end amenities.

Before you slip into a body chain and barely there cover-up, glisten up with EXSENS shimmering Glam Oil. Add a sophisticated gold lustre to your soon-to-be sunkissed hair and skin. It’s a subtler version of the glitter we grew up with and one that’s more bronzed goddess than carnival queen. Glam oil looks great on all skin tones, I have put it on dozens of folks at trade shows, and it is easily absorbed leaving skin dewy and radiant but not oily. All (invited) eyes will be on you. BYO blow-up winged unicorn swans.




Jacquetta Szathmari, Dernier MileJacquetta Szathmari is a New York based writer and the founder of Dernier Mile, a boutique consultancy providing last minute and last mile solutions for your content-intensive, logistically complex, and totally unique creative projects.


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