What’s HOT in Vegas?

May 04, 2022

What’s HOT in Vegas?

By: Jacquetta Szathmari

Our TOP 10 favorite new products from this year’s Altitude Lingerie Show

We are always on the lookout for new sexual health and wellness products to help you upgrade your bedroom repertoire. At Altitude Intimates 2022 Spring show in Las Vegas, EXSENS had the opportunity to walk the convention floor and meet fact-to-face with the teams behind some of our favorite brands. 

These are our 10 ten picks of the toys, tools, garb and more that tickled our fancy!

Neva Nude

1. Fly Girl 

Neva Nude’s vast collection of theme pasties and crystal body stickers are a low-cost, high-impact way to create and elevate sexy costumes for this summer’s festivals and beyond.

Stay on trend with a Butterfly Kisses Bundle of shimmering pasties, stickers, face jewels, and powdered makeup in rainbow pastel hues. Buckle on a pair of iridescent hand-crafted Fairy or Dragon Wingz (worn on the calf, or laced to boots) and set your fantasy in flight.


Deia products


2. A Hot Tip 

Deia’s Hot & Cold is literally the coolest new vibrating wand out there! Multiple settings control vibration and the wand temperature. That’s right; this wand is your ticket to temperature play. The main event is activating the angled “G-spot tip”, which can be set to feel warm or cold. It’s hard to decide what’s more astounding- the science or the results.



CBX product

3. Locktober Fest 

CB-X, a “trusted chastity cage manufacturer”, has been helping practitioners lock it down for over two decades.
Chastity is not just for ladies, ladies! If you’re looking for something new to spice things up, you might give your man something to look forward to. Lock up his treasure until it’s time for action with cages that are lightweight, easily maintained, and come in several sizes and looks, including an imitation wood grain finish, and a camo option. A real lock with key and several play locks come in the kit along with sizing rings, locking pins, and spacers to adjust for a safe and perfect fit.

And because you were wondering; yes, they are TSA compliant.


JeJoue Naughty Set

4. Give and Receive

Je Joue’s Couples Play sets make a striking gift presentation and include everything needed for your next high-end Night Of Nookie.

Our top draft pick is The Naughty Gift Set. Light the massage candle and pre-game with intimate Truth or Dare cards. Then try out the blindfold, paired with JeJoue’s award winning Mimi vibe. Touchdown guaranteed!





At Sub Sensuals, jewelry designer and entrepreneur Helaine Oliner-Katz creates custom erotic magnetic body jewelry that simulates the look and sensation of erotic piercings.

Super strong magnets anchor bejeweled nipple and clitoris clamps in place without putting holes in your bod.  Custom designs featuring Swarovski elements, semi-precious stones, hammered silver, charms, and other requested materials are also a possibility. Helaine also offers non-piercing “full body” pieces that combine nipple clamps with a chain necklace.

Sub, sexy and elegant, full stop.


Color Pastel Ponytail with AB Crystals

6. Take a Prance on Me

Crystal Delight’s Sparkle Plug collection comes in a variety of colors and themes including some lovely accessories to help you channel your inner unicorn.

Modeled on their original short stem plug, the Sparkle Plugs are made from hardened borosilicate glass and filled with tiny crystals that glimmer and catch the light. The plugs have a “screw-in (and out) base” that can be fitted with various attachments including large crystals, a magnetic bunny tail, and even a rainbow-colored pony tail.

Custom orders welcome.


Magic Wand throne

7. Power Play

Created in the late 60s, the Magic Wand is the OG personal massager. You probably saw them in your youth wherever personal electronics were sold, but had no clue what they were really for.

The wand’s magic is a powerful motor that delivers a “deep rumbly massage” at 6,000 RPM. It comes in corded and cordless options and, for those who need a little more power, the Magic Wand Plus has a high setting of 6,300 PRM.

Start your engines.


Rainbow Duster

8. Candy Coated

Like everything from J. Valentine’s Firefly Sanctuary Collection, their rave-tastic dusters demand attention. The vibrant colors, luxurious faux fur, sequins and holographic prints are combined to create eye-catching and versatile festival wear. And they are super comfortable!

The rainbow vibrations trench has it all; a see-through day-glo pink body with layered rainbow faux fur trim and a wide sparkly belt. Wear it bare for maximum effect!

Rainbow Bright, eat your heart out.


FMP Wand

9. More Power to You

Celebrate International Women’s Day every day with good vibrations and orgasms.

The Le Wand Feel My Power 2022 honors the struggle for equality with a limited-edition vibrating wand illustrated by artist-activist @bykellymalka. Your purchase includes a branded travel bag, keychain, fabric patch, stickers, postcard set, and an embroidery kit with tutorial.

Le Wand has 10 speeds, 20 patterns and has been awarded “Most Powerful” by Cosmopolitan magazine.

Power up!


Svakom-Nova Balls

10. Perfectly Kegel

Your Kegel Duty

These are not your grandma’s Ben-Wa Balls. Svakom’s Nova Exercise Balls are designed to enhance your daily kegel workouts and help you maintain pelvic control. The balls are encased in waterproof silicone and come in three different weights so you can level up with ease.

After insertion, the balls move around inside the silicone creating gentle vibrations that stimulate pelvic muscle contraction. Take a walk around the block, et voila! You are kegelling! And it probably feels pretty good, too...





Jacquetta Szathmari, Dernier Mile
Jacquetta Szathmari is a New York based writer and the founder of Dernier Mile, a boutique consultancy providing last minute and last mile solutions for your content-intensive, logistically complex, and totally unique creative projects.



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